September 12, 2013

Beautiful Booths- Dream Out Loud Art

You could say that today's featured Beautiful Booth is "Framed to Perfection" or at least on its way there. Carla of Dream Out Loud Art makes jewelry out of her beautiful paintings, so it only seems appropriate that she uses frames for her artful jewelry displays. Here's what Carla has to say about how she came to create her displays:

My booth set up seems to be ever evolving! Since my art is mostly whimsical, that is the overall feel I want my display to have - lots of color and fun!  I love an eclectic look and I feel that the two go together perfectly, so I don't worry about things matching.

 I started out just laying my necklaces out on the table, but felt that my customers needed to be able to focus in, not be overwhelmed, so I decided to break it up into smaller sections, using trays and frames fit the bill beautifully!
 For the trays, I just purchased a couple of unfinished trays from the hobby store and lightly washed them in happy colors.  As for the frames, a couple of them were purchased as is - they were made to be bulletin or display boards, but they were a bit pricey. The others I found at resale shops.  I removed the backing and glass,and then painted the frame. I covered the backing with batting and then fabric so that I could use pins to hold the jewelry in place. I have found that cork works well too; the pins stay in better. When the paint was dry, I reassembled the frame, and voila - a pretty display frame! I have actually had  people ask if the frames were for sale! Maybe I should open a second shop...!