September 17, 2013

Beautiful Booths- Dizzy B's

When it comes to craft shows vendors do a lot of packing. Be it packing up to head to a show or packing up to leave the show, it's important to have a plan. Etsy Forth Worth member Heather of Dizzy B's learned this very quickly and came up with a brilliant solution- Suitcase displays. Here's what Heather has to say about her awesome displays:

When it is comes to craft show displays I have learned a few lessons over the years. The most important one is to make it interesting and easy to set up and breakdown. One of the smartest display ideas I use is the suitcase.

I decided last year to go on a hunt for vintage suitcases to place items in. I was able to pick up two relatively inexpensively from a giant flea market. I decided to decoupage the tops to add interest to the back of the display. I selected a theme and used scrapbook paper. I had a good time doing it and was very pleased with the outcome.

  I then decided I needed a smaller scale display and bought a small box from a local craft store and decorated it. Recently I realized I needed one more but decided to simply paint it black to keep in the theme of my booth. Due to the great interior quality of the piece, it looks great for display.

The best part of using a suitcase to display is the easy packing up at the end of the day. They hold everything they display plus a little more. I recommend the hunt for vintage suitcase.