August 26, 2013

Beautiful Booths- Clover Hollow

Craft show season is right around the corner. So we at the Etsy Fort Worth team have decided to  share some our own craft show knowledge. Today Cassie of Clover Hollow Soaps & Sundries is giving up some insider tips on creating a Beautiful Booth.

Clover Hollow Soaps & Sundries began as a hobby and became a business like many in the craft show circuit. I've always had a keen interest in natural skin and overall body care but when I decided to share my creations as gifts to family and friends, the requests for more were more than I could have expected. Before long I was selling my products and began to study my craft more extensively; Testing, experimenting, often failing, but occasionally hitting on an idea that worked. I began selling on Etsy but soon turned to craft shows to supplement slow sales online. 
I have been on the craft show scene for only a few years now and it has been a boon for my business! By the end of this year, I will have participated in over 20 shows and my display is constantly evolving, depending on the location, amount of space available to me and the introduction of new products. 
My biggest piece of advice is to pick a color scheme or a theme that matches your product line well and stick with it. You can always add on and rearrange if all of your display pieces work well together. Second, build up! Height is an important, but often overlooked, feature in your booth. Not only does it maximize your space but it brings your goods to eye level and can be better seen as a customer is walking by. Third, and I can't say this enough, stand up so you can be seen and SMILE!!! 
There are going to be shows that haven't worked out as well as you'd hoped and it may be hard to paste that grin on your face, but you must! And don't forget to engage the crowd. Say hello, or wave. Compliment people. It's simple and now you've shown them that you're approachable and they may be more likely to stop, look around and yes, even buy. Remember, your product doesn't just sell itself, it needs your help. You are your own biggest fan, and if you're not, you're in the wrong business, so get out there and sell it!

Clover Hollow Soaps & Sundries is owned and operated by Cassie Burgess of Arlington, Texas. You can find me on Facebook,, on Etsy, or you can email me at
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