June 3, 2013

Member Monday: Meet....

Ilene Kay! 

Ilene is a member of Etsy Fort Worth, living and working in Fort Worth!  She makes art jewelry...

Here is a little bit of information about Ilene that I found on her profile page of her Etsy shop.

Artist Bio
I am an artist working on a very small scale with precious materials used to create personal works of art. My art jewelry is sculptural, clean, and has an Asian influence resulting from artwork my parents had in our home when I was growing up. (Not the typical Midwestern household).

I work in Argentium Silver and heat colored Titanium to create Art Jewelry using traditional fabrication metalsmithing techniques. Basically, I saw, texture, hammer, and form the metal with hand tools. The directness of forging metal in this manner make each piece of art jewelry unique.

I also teach jewelry making at the Creative Arts Center in Dallas. Its one of Dallas' hidden jewels.

My husband, Gordon and I live in Texas with our border collie, Xena. We have four sons, two grandsons and two granddaughters.

See more of my work on my website www.ilenekay.com

I hope you enjoyed meeting Ilene!  Now go give her some love at the various place she can be found on the web!  I also found her blog.   :-)

This post written by Amy Nicole

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ashleyammons said...

Wonderful to know more about this Etsy Fort Worth member. Thanks for the write-up!

Ashley Wolfe