June 7, 2013

June counts three gems as birthstones, Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.

Pearls are the only gemstone that require no faceting or polishing and come from a living organism. Commercial culturing of pearls started in the 1900’s and cultured pearls replaced natural pearls in the 1920’s. The color of a pearl depends on the Oysters environment. Most pearls are white, some have a creamy or pinkish tinge, but may be tinted with yellow, green, blue, brown, or black. Aniline Organic Dyes, Cobalt-60 Irradiation and Heat are used to create the vibrant colors we now have available in pearls.
Alexandrite, was first discovered in Russia in 1831 during the reign of its namesake, Czar Alexander II. Alexandrite is the chameleon of gemstones. In natural light and fluorescent light it is green; in incandescent light it changes to a purplish red.
The third birthstone for June is Moonstone. Part of the family of minerals called feldspar, moonstone occurs in many igneous and metamorphic rocks and comes in a variety of colors such as green, blue, peach, and champagne.
Enjoy these ideas from Etsy Fort Worth Team Members for your loved ones June Birthdays.
written by Ilene Kay - Art Jewelry by Ilene Kay.

Pearl Dangle Earrings - Pearl Drops 

Pearl and Moonstone Dangle Earrings - Faceted White Pearls with 
Rainbow Moonstone and Sterling Silver, June Birthstone earrings

Peace - Three-strand faceted spectrolite, fresh water pearls, 
Swarovski crystals and sterling silver bracelet

Vintage white enamel and pearl filigree charm earrings

Beaded Vintage Daisy Adjustable Ribbon Necklace

Everything Green - Woodland Verdigris Lily of the Valley and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with White Rose, Bird, and Leaf Charms - Cottage Chic

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