April 6, 2013

Hit the road Jack: Marta's Room Antiques

Twice a year this sweet little shop does a two day show. I went in November while entertaining a childhood friend. The trip itself was a little bit further than I anticipated (about 3 hours from Fort Worth) but it was worth the drive. The weather is perfect this Spring for a little road trip and the flowers ought to be peeking out the further you get out of town, So head down I35 South to Belton for a great day trip.

There truly was a little bit of everything here. I bought a cast iron cattle dog head which found a new home with one of my rescue buddies, a Mexican dress, some odd dog pieces for repurposing and the Tonka dump truck that got away. I still cannot believe as I was pulling my money out the woman walked away with it. That's what I get for hesitating.

If you visit their page and look at their photos, you can scroll back and get a look at some of the Fall 2012 booth pictures. You never know when you make a road trip what you might find. This one was worth the trip and I'll be heading back again in next week.

Keep in touch as I take you to some out of the way places you might not find on your average hunt.

This post was written by Mindi at Red Dog Barkery. Visit her Etsy shop for durable, yet fashionable goods, or her blog for bits that are sure to whet your appetite. 


SplendorVendor said...

What fun!!! I want to go!!! I had to Google...Where is Belton, TX though!!! :0P

Marta Ramos said...

I just google myself and found your post about our fall show. Thank you for the kind words and so glad that it was worthwhile for you. We are about to do it again, November 8 and 9th, 2013. Hope you can make it back like our page on Facebook. B