April 15, 2013

DIY: Cleaning your tarnished silver jewelry

As a jewelry maker I have all the professional products I need to clean my tarnished sterling and silver jewelry.  But what does the average person do to clean their tarnished silver jewelry?

I went to my one stop resource, Pinterest!

It really does work! I've tried this technique myself. The key is to make sure your jewelry has contact with the aluminum. You can actually see the tarnish being lifted as it bubbles. This is best used on all silver jewelry that you don't want any oxidation left behind. Some jewelry is intentionally tarnished to emphasize detail in the piece. If you use this method, it will remove the tarnish from all silver.

Another method, and my personal favorite, is to get 0000 steel wool from your local hardware store, and gently rub the silver to remove the tarnish. This will remove the tarnish from the raised areas exposing the silver while allowing the oxidation to remain in the recesses. When finished you will have a lovely brushed finish on your jewelry!

This post written by Amy of Amy Nicole Artisan Jewelry.
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