April 3, 2013

Diamond is the birthstone for April

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and here is a little information about colored diamonds.Diamond is the birthstone for April and Colored Diamonds have become very popular in the last several years. Natural Colored Diamonds account for 1 in 10,000 of all the diamonds in the world.

Just like white diamonds colored diamonds are influenced by the 4 Cs of grading and the prices vary on this system. There are some differences in how the white and colored diamonds are judged.

Cut: White and colored diamonds are cut the same but the polish on a colored diamond is done differently.
Clarity: In white diamonds a high degree of clarity is desired, with colored diamonds can have some inclusions and not affect the stones brilliance.
Caret: This refers to size and weight. It is the rarity of the stone that will affect the cost. A red blue or green diamond will cost more that a yellow diamond.
Color: Generally the more intense the color the more expensive a colored diamond will be. A “Pink” diamond will typically be grades higher than on that is a Purplish-Pink. Colored diamonds have been organized by the GIA with different color grades ranging from “faint” to “fancy vivid.”

Remember when shopping for diamonds ask questions and  for a grading report or a diamond origin report. This will ensure the quality of your stone and assist you in making a buying decision.

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