March 7, 2013

We've Got Whimsy!

And it's Contagious!

We had a silly (but awesome) family joke when I was growing up. If we had the occasion to meet someone who was completely uptight, cranky and humorless, my Dad would wink at me and say, "Well, I guess he just ain't got no whimsy!"

Consequently, I grew up with the firm conviction that the lack of whimsy is a social faux pas of epic proportions. Worse even than double dipping your tortilla chip in the bowl of salsa on your first date. (I mean really, who does that!)

So is it any wonder that I found my way to Etsy Fort Worth, a group of artists whose Combined Whimsy Quotient (just made that up) is larger than the national debt? Not really. We are all birds of a feather, proudly wearing our Silly Pants out in public and raining a little ridiculous on everyone we meet.

We've Got Whimsy, Yes We Do!
We've Got Whimsey, How 'Bout You?

Got a Dr Who fixation? Maybe harboring a secret Big Bang addiction? Then you need to hie thyself over to Book-Inz to see their extensive collection of dang near everything you can put on their remarkable magnetic bookmarks.

Or if you are more of an Extroverted Whimsyist, you may want to wear your whimsy instead. If that's the case, have I got a couple of great Etsy shops for you to checkout! Turn your newborn or toddler into a robot with the laugh-out-loud funny little hand crocheted robot hat from CocoandCocoa or celebrate the Pintrest popularity of Mr Grumpy Cat himself with this hilarious screenprint onesie from Little Lee Studio.

If you are more along the lines of the Sophisticated Whimsy Diva, then Faux Fur Legwarmers from Cooperstreet or the funky chic Super Love Ring from Robot Pop will have you stylin' and profilin' in no time.

Pooches Like to Laugh Too

Of course dogs have a sense of humor, haven't you ever seen them smiling at you from both ends? The Etsy Fort Worth Whimsicologists have you covered there as well.

Get your Best Friend smelling fresh as a daisy with the wonderful herbal dog shampoo bar from Trishcat Soaps. Yeah, it's called Dog Poo but that's most definitely NOT the aroma your Fluffy Flufferson will be sportin' after his/her bath time.

Or have Pudge send a heartfelt apology card from Red Dog Barkery to Dad after he 'accidentally' eats the toes off his favorite pair of cowboy boots... Who knows? It might help.

Can I have An Extra Side Order of Whimsy?

Yes, the Members of Etsy Fort Worth can give you all the "capricious humor or disposition; extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expressions, odd or fanciful notions and capricious fancy" that you can handle, at no extra charge. We take pride in keeping our Happy Pants clean and pressed at all times and are ready to serve whenever you need a little laughter, a jolt of jolly or just some extreme silliness to come your way.


Ky said...

YOU are the whimsiest of us all, Buffy!

Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

I'm a big fan of the whimsy!

Trish Morton said...

Love it; whimsy makes life um, whimsical. And magical. Thanks, Buffy!