March 11, 2013

Pantone color chart for Jewelers

I'm sure you've all heard that Emerald is  Pantone's color of the year.  I'm glad to see a coooool color after a couple of years of orangish pink/red.

I really don't set that much store by color charts, I like to create pieces that I consider to be timeless.  It is fun though to have an idea of what colors we may be seeing in fashion.  When I opened my Etsy shop and shortly after discovered that Pantone even existed, I used to agonize over how I could translate those colors into gems.  Not always an easy task!

The above chart breaks it down really well.  Emerald is too precious a gem for me to afford to work with, so I opt for lab created Emeralds in my work.  I've not looked into it, but I bet Swarovski also makes crystal beads in these colors as well.

Color is so much fun to play with, I hope you'll find this chart useful in your gem creations this season!