March 9, 2013

March: The Mother of All Inventions

Did you know...

Necessity is the mother of invention - an English proverb which means necessity or difficult situations encourage incentive solutions. In other words, the expression means that the necessity for something encourages the invention of something that meets the need.

So leave it to a woman to be inventive. A woman invented the windshield wiper and the dishwasher? It's true. Mary Anderson received a patent for her car-window cleaning device in 1903.  Anderson's invention came about during a trip to New York City when the Alabama-born inventor noticed that streetcar drivers had to open the windows of their cars when it rained in order to see. As a solution, Anderson invented a swinging arm device with a rubber blade that was operated by the driver from within the vehicle using a lever.

In the 1893 World's Fair Josephine Cochrane presented the new advanced dishwasher. Cochrane was quite wealthy and was the granddaughter of John Fitch, the inventor of the  steamboat. She never washed dishes herself and invented the dishwasher because her servants were chipping her fine china. Okay, so she was rich, and didn't need to use it, but hey, she was smart to invent something she needed.

Mary Phelps Jacob, the inventor of the modern brassiere. This device was actually invented by a woman, believe it or not..... In the early part of the 20th century, women’s undergarments were barbarous, awkward and very unhealthy for the wearer.  Enter Mary Phelps Jacob, a young New York socialite who became exasperated with the antiquated corsets after finding it impossible to prevent the support rods from poking out from underneath the fabric of her evening gown. Determined to create a more comfortable, less cumbersome alternative, Jacob took two silk handkerchiefs and, with help from her maid, sewed them together using some pink ribbon and cord.

I'm not convinced that men don't make bras now. It's absolutely one of the worst things to shop for EVER, next in line - bathing suits.  Am I right?

Anywho, it's really not surprising that women were inventing greatness back in the 1800's, is it?

What is one of your favorite inventions?

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