March 23, 2013

Hit the Road Jack: Round Top Antique Fair

It's that time, time to head to the country to Round Top and Warrenton for "the" antique festival of Texas.  If you haven't already booked a place to stay you may be out of luck, but even if you only have a day, do it. It's about a four hour drive and you will only see a smidgen of what's there, but it's worth it. Now, my friends and I aren't ones for paying the entry fee into the beautifully curated shows like Marburger Farms, because let's face it we can't afford anything in there. But if that's your thing, it will be like stepping into the pages of a well designed magazine. They have already been sharing teasers all over Facebook of the things to come and started rolling out tents this week.

And truth be known, it's too clean for me. In case you've not read my adventures before, I'm a digger. No pile is too intimidating. And if it's on the side of the road, even better!

But if it's your first experience and you're just "lookin'" you will not be disappointed!

The show covers about 300 acres and you'll find treasures from a $ to $$$$ And get ready to be entertained by 1000's of people.

Bring plenty of water, wet wipes, a notepad and a camera for all the ideas you come back with.

And be sure and let me know what you find!

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