March 2, 2013

Hit the Road Jack: Alvarado Trade Days

The last Thursday of the month means Trade Days in Alvarado as of January 2013. Now I thought I was going to be here telling your about the greatest new Trade Days around. I'm sorry I'm not. Although that doesn't mean it won't turn into something bigger and better. Word had it yesterday that it is bigger on Saturday. But my motto, "the early bird gets the worm" had me there yesterday without even a handful of vendors set up in an open field. The spot has potential, but I would wait a couple more months and then, if you are looking for a short drive, check it out.  Really easy to find, a great location with ample parking. I35S to Hwy 67, turn West and follow 67 for a short distance to Percifield Tr. North, turn right and pull into the parking lot next to the church.

You can find their event page here and follow along, or follow Your Hippie Cousin to find out when this dealer will be there. Her's was the best there was to offer.

 Your Hippie Cousin Designs and Finds

Stay tuned for more road trips in search of the ultimate treasures.

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April Dawn said...

Thanks for dropping by Your Hippie Cousin Design's booth! We are happy to be a part of the new Alvarado, Buy, Sell, Trade Days and looking forward to watching the event expand. The location is awesome and they are still looking for more great vendors to come join in. Next month all booths are only $5.00 for the entire 3 day event! Come try it out and grow with us! Contact and tell them Your Hippie Cousin sent ya! Thanks Again! April Forsythe :)

Buffy said...

I gotta go now, JUST so I can visit Your Hippie Cousin Design's booth! With a cool name like that it's gotta be good.