March 28, 2013

Fun Confetti Eggs without the Confetti Mess

We had a blast this week dyeing eggs the old fashioned way for a traditional egg hunt. This year I wanted to try some fun confetti egg. We used Fruity Pebbles for the confetti instead of paper. I figured they were more colorful than rice krispies without the mess of tiny pieces of paper and they shake out of hair pretty quickly once attacked. I've also heard of using glitter (ummm... which is banned substance at my house and sounds hard to wash out of hair) or birdseed (but I figured it would cause weeds... and would probably get all over the house)-- you can experiment or get creative with your own tiny egg filler! They were super easy- read on to find out how to make them!
Punch a hole for draining
First get a sewing pin and pop a hole in one end of the egg and then wiggle it around a bit to enlarge the hole- this gives it a place to get some air while you are draining the egg. Next take a blunt instrument like the end of a small spoon or small #1 flathead screwdriver and pop a hole in the egg on the other side. It needs to be a bit smaller than dime sized to make it easy to fill later.
Shake Shake the Insides out
Then you just need to reach in there with your tool and pop the yolk so it can come sliding out. It's possible (with a clean tool) to save the egg insides for scrambled breakfast eggs later on- just watch out for little shell pieces. I found it easier to empty if I ran some cold water in the larger hole in the sink. Some of my eggs ended up with large crack- no worries- as long as it's mostly intact your egg will work.
Next get your supplies out for egg dying. I used a large mason jar for my dye. Since the kids wanted to switch colors every 3 eggs or so I didn't want to end up with a ton of extra wasted dye so it was a perfect size. Use a large spoon to help get them in and out of the jar or small bowl.

Dyeing Supplies- White Vinegar and Food Coloring
You can look up natural dying methods with cabbage and things but frankly the year I tried that my house smelled horribly similar to goulash candles (if those exist) so I went with the good old food coloring this year. All you need is about 20 drops of food coloring per cup of super hot boiling water plus a splash of vinegar for the dye. Mix a few drop of blue with red for a rose color or color on your egg shells *BEFORE* you empty the egg out with wax crayons. White crayons will leave a design on the egg that the dye won't penetrate. It's kind of a neat effect.

Mason Jar Egg Dyeing
Be careful though- these eggs are tricky things to press on ;) I thought about dyeing the eggs before emptying them but because the dye is set in really hot water for 5 minutes or so on the egg- I didn't want to end up with partially cooked egg chunks to empty. You can try if you want to- I'll leave it untested.

After Dyeing
Glue with Water and Tissue Paper
Once you have dyed all of your eggs- leave them out for a few hours so the insides can dry. Then empty some rice krispies or fruity pebbles into a bowl. I tried various methods of filling including metal and paper funnels and found the easiest way was just to scoop cereal over the hole with my fingers. It went much more quickly with less mess that way. You will want your eggs to be super full to give them some of their strength back.Once your eggs are filled get a small bowl with a little white school glue in the bottom. Mix the school glue with a healthy serving of water and cut some tissue paper squares. Using your index finger, paint some glue-water around the egg opening and then press on your tissue paper square.
Ready for Hunting!
I also boiled some eggs and added them to use up the dye. I use the Bett Crocker Method- add cold water to an inch above your eggs. Set on stove until boiling and then cover your pot off the heat for about 17 minutes. After that quickly immerse them in either a cold water bath or rinse under the cold sink spout. This is what prevents your yolks from getting that weird blackish-green color on the inside- you need some seriously quick cooling at the end to prevent that.
Just Add Water

Once the glue dries on your tissue paper- you are ready to hide and find! For a twist on this super fun outdoor activity  you can fill one egg differently if you want to give one child the opportunity for a big prize egg if they get the special one squished on their head.  We had a blast- and the confetti eggs were a hit!


Buffy said...

I'm glad we didn't know about this when I was a kid since we did our Easter egg hunting in the house... This looks like ridiculous fun though. May have to squish one or two on my husband's head this year!

Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

My kids think this looks like lots of fun. It's on the plan for next year!