March 30, 2013


One of my favorite things about Spring is that things finally go from being dreary to being green. Green, my favorite color. Things pop out of the ground, buds pop open on trees and leaves explode from bare limbs. Missing a week of looking around outside, sometimes even a day, you might miss part of the evolution. At my house in the last two weeks the Redbud, the pear and the peach all bloomed. I've seen the leaves budding out on the Pecan already!

One of my all time favorite flowers is the Delphinium or Larkspur. It's an old cottage garden flower that reseeds itself and requires absolutely nothing from you to reproduce for many years to come. This last year mine politely moved down a section in the veggie garden, so I politely moved the veggies down a section too to make way for their beauty. You can leave it and let reseed itself or at the end of the season you can cut off the paper thin casings and save them until next year. If you decide to save some for sowing, I take a paper sack along with me and cut of the flower heads and then drop them head first into the paper bag. Then I place them in our mudroom (or covered porch or garage) for the winter. That's it. Then in the early Spring, ususally about February, but you'll know when it's time, because you'll see them sprouting their pretty little fern linke heads, you just toss the tiny black seeds wherever you would like them to grow.

Though they come in a variety of colors, the dark purple seem to do this best in my yard.

What is your favorite perennial?

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Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

I love the green, too! Especially how vibrant everything looks after the rain this morning.

Bespangled Jewelry said...

Wow! Just beautiful. I love springtime in Texas and the green makes me so happy.
I didn't realize these flowers are so easy to take care of...I'm adding them to the list of 'things that might actually work in my garden'. Thanks for sharing!