March 18, 2013

Confetti Eggs

I first learned of Confetti Eggs about 12 years ago when I spent my first Easter with my husband and his family.  Cascarones are a Mexican tradition at Easter time.  Egg shells are decorated and filled with confetti.  During the Easter Egg hunt, everyone would gather as many as they could and then begin cracking them over each others heads!  It was always set up as an activity for the kids, but the adults always joined in on the fun.

We would have confetti everywhere!  All in the house from making them, all over the back yard until the confetti dissolved.  All in our hair and down our shirts and shorts, but it was all worth it because it was so much fun. If you click on the photo below, it will take you to a blog describing a confetti egg game, and how to make them. I've heard of people filling the eggs with flour, but we always filled ours with confetti. And always paper confetti. One year we used the fancy glitter confetti, and discovered that it never went away because it's not biodegradable like the paper is. I've seen these confetti eggs for sale at WalMart if you want to try them out, but don't have time to make them. We save our eggshells all year long and spend a whole day making them. It's a great family activity!

Source: via Roni on Pinterest