February 21, 2013

Welcome to the Southside Urban Market!

This Ain't Your Grannies Open Market!

News about this little gem of an urban market is spreading fast around town here in Cowtown so I think it's time for me to do my part and let you in on the secret. 

The Southside Urban Market is the brain child of Adam and Robbie, owners of one of my new favorite places, Stir Crazy Bakery. Or as I like to call it, Official Home Of The Best Chocolate Chip Scones Ever. Vendor tables are loaded down and set up outside the bakery every Saturday from 10-1... Set up aaaaall along the sidewalk to tempt you with wonderful goodies of all shapes and sizes.

And you will be tempted, I can promise you. There's no escape.

The Vendors


The list of Southside Urban Market vendors is growing from week to week but most Saturdays you will find a dozen or more little oases of premium quality, hand made goods and picked-out-of-the-dirt-that-morning fresh farm veggies. And the delicious baked goods from Stir Crazy that are soooo good that they will make your eyes roll back in your head and your taste buds break dance in glee.

Enjoy this gallery of pictures from last week's market and a little bit of something about each vendor. Then, if you live in the Fort Worth area, you really need to come on down, check out all the sheer fabulousness and go blab to all your friends!

Pruitt Farms

Lovely, lovely fresh natural veggies that taste so dang great, you won't want to wait to wash the dirt off. What can I say? I couldn't wait to try the the kale and baby carrots...

Pruitt Farms - FRESH produce

Red Dog Barkery

When Mindi Morrow says that she makes 'awesome stuff for dogs...and the people who love them', she's not kidding.

Red Dog Barkery on FB

New hilarious silk screen bags hide doggie poo with style

New line of 'People Jewelry' with a canine flair

Designs by Delana

Looking at Delana's line of quirky, fun and colorful fine jewelry, you would never guess that she's only been designing her jewelry for eight months. Seriously.

Delana's website

Just a few of Delana's hand crafted fine jewelry

Grapevine Grains

Organic, fresh and nutritious grains, meuseli, trail mix, muffin and bread mixes, soups, granolas... The list of available goodies is a loooong one and everything completely delicious! I discovered the Red and Black Bean Lentil soup mix which fed four of us for two days!

Grapevine Grains on FB

My husband is hooked on the granola.

The MUCH tastier GG organic and all natural version of Quaker Instant Oatmeal.

Vivi Gray Designs

Eco-friendly? You better believe it. I've fallen in love with Ashley's beautiful little succulent gardens that she tucks away into all sorts of funky, fun little vessels. Can't wait to bring a couple of special antique pieces of my mom's to have her build me a tiny treasure!

Vivi Gray Designs on FB

Little succulent gardens in a teapot.

Perfection in a tiny ceramic bowl.

Texas Honeybee Guild

Local, pure and raw honey products from "urban/rural Blackland Prairie bee-wranglers". Gotta love that. All you really need to know though is that their honey products are fantastic. My favorite is their Texas style "whupped" honey butter!

Texas Honeybee Guild on FB

Quite the array of local honey products await you!

Only in Texas does the honey get a 'whuppin'...

Happy Tomato

Best salsa I've ever put in my mouth. And I have put ALOT of salsa away in my life... Hand made batch by batch, jar by jar from local fresh ingredients. How can you not try some, it's so HAPPY!

Happy Tomatoes on FB

And they do mean fresh!

DELISH! A must try for all the salsa addicts out there.

Yvonne Four Eyes

 There's more to this market than the delicious food stuffs. Yvonne creates and prints the funniest, delightfully wicked cards and paper goods of all types, all cleverly set in the shape of an eye chart. Jewelry and artful paper goods indeed!

 Yvonne Four Eyes on Etsy

One of her new St Paddy's cards.

Jewelry and hair ornaments too.

Mostly Naked Soaps

Hand crafted, all natural soaps made one three pound batch at a time. Creamy lather that doesn't leave you pruny... and none of the scary artificial icky stuff that hurts your skin. Give your skin some Happy and Go Mostly Naked! 

Mostly Naked Soaps on FB

Lemongrass, Almond joy (with real chocolate!) and Peppermint

Hippie Hollow, Jasmine and Orange Spice

There ya go, just a few of the wonderful vendors you'll find every Saturday at the Southside Urban Market. Have a scone and fill your shopping bag while you support local artists, artisans and growers.

If you need me, I'll be mooching some chips and salsa or sneaking a few carrots.


SplendorVendor said...

What a hip place! Thanks for sharing! On my short list now!!! ;0)

Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

What a great looking market! I hope to make it out there soon.