February 9, 2013

Let sleeping dogs lie

Does your dog have a favorite place to call his own? Here are a few favorite spots from Dogster.  I especially love this one I found on Pinterest when searching for "dog room".


There's an awesome amount of information at Hoechstetter Interiors on selecting a pet friendly interior design. Everything from selecting fabric and paint colors to hiding the unsightly litterbox.

I even contributed a little tidbit to DogChannel.com in this article on Designer Dog Decor. Sometimes, all you need is a simple, clean, and organized way to store all that dog "stuff."  Mindi Morrow, owner of Red Dog Barkery, helps people create space through intelligent use of space. For example, she suggests sticking bowls under tables (no more wet feet!) and placing dog toys in stylish baskets that match your décor.

How about some dog wallpaper for that dog room? Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson makes lots of awesome dog themed stuff.

My friend Ollie has his own spot, actually his spot was handed down from his predecessor, Sam. His cozy corner includes framed photos of his cousins and former friends at eye level.

I love creating dog beds and other goods that fit in with your everyday lifestyle.

Where does your dog spend his or her time?

This post was written by Mindi at Red Dog Barkery. Visit her Etsy shop for durable, yet fashionable goods, or her blog for bits that are sure to whet your appetite.


ilene kay said...
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ilene kay said...
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Amelia said...

Great info, wish my cats would sleep on a cute bed but the silly guys prefer cardboard boxes!