February 18, 2013

DIY Packaging

Just when I'm certain I have my packaging down I begin to tire of it!  I think it is one of the downfalls of being crafty.  I am always thinking of ways to use and re-use different odds and ends I've been saving.

As a seller and buyer of Handmade goodness, I have seen it done all different ways.  Of course the most important when shipping your handmade goodies is to make sure your product makes it to it's destination in tip top shape.

I have received packages that are truly like unwrapping a gift.  You can tell the time and care that have gone into wrapping them.  I have also received packages that the product is placed in a small box and put into a bubble mailer.  No thank you, no business card.  The worst is getting a package that smells of cigarette smoke.  Ugh.  (Am I the only one that feels compelled to smell the wrappings?  Maybe it is just a quirk of mine ;) )

As a buyer I want to pay reasonable shipping and handling prices when ordering a product.  The pretty packaging, extra goodies, numerous gorgeous business cards and post cards are nice.  I like them a lot.  But the cost for these things have to come from somewhere, and is usually in the shipping and handling price.  More often than not I'd be just as happy to get my product securely packaged at a reasonable price and forgo the over the top extras.

As a seller, I have decided on a happy medium.  Securely wrapped, packaged in a way you'd be proud to give as a gift and a business card so you remember where it came from along with a hand written Thank you.    All for what it cost me to put it together.

That being said, I still enjoy coming up with a pretty presentation.  I spent some time on Pinterest this morning searching for some examples.  I am in love with the idea or reusing and recycling.  I find I am drawn to the brown kraft paper look.  I hope you find these as inspiring as I do!

This looks like a great book!

Source: amazon.com via Karissa on Pinterest
Buttons!  What a cute touch...

Source: bfstop.com via Whitney on Pinterest
Kraft paper and buttons!  Love the string too...

love the pop of color against the Kraft paper

This one by our very own Jessica Barst!  Love it!