February 7, 2013

DIY Love Coupon Book for Your Sweetie

Valentines Day. The two scariest words in the world


If you tell me that the prospect of coming up with something personal, fun and different every year to give your Sweetie Pie for Valentine's Day doesn't intimidate you, even the tiniest bit...I'm going to have to say "LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!" and do the neener-neener dance. And I do it quite well.

I don't care if you have been dating 30 days or married for 30 years, Valentines Day is the annual challenge for women everywhere. How to come up with something that allows you to indulge in some creativity and have some fun but still give a gift that is extra meaningful. Like time spent doing something fun together!

(Author's Note: Yes, I know that it is sexist to make the assumption that only women are reading this post but I think you can give me some leeway on this one point.. By comparison, women are pretty easy to please when it comes to Valentines Day, which is why men have traditionally thought that a box o' chocolates would successfully overcome any of their more obvious character flaws for at least 48 hours.)

Anyway, this is my 2013 answer to this age old dilemma: Love Coupons!... Or as my Sweetie Pie's favorite comedian, Ron White would say, "Coo-pins!"

Smoochitos Coupons for My Sweetie Pie

The Creative & Fun Part


I made my Smoochitos Coupon Book for my sweet husband for about $15. But honestly, I could've done it easily for half that much if I had done a better job of looking through my scrapbook goodies stash. That being said, here's the list of what I used:
  • one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of red card stock paper
  • one package of little decorative envelopes with matching cards (I used a little lacey set from Martha Stewart or $3.99)
  • a package of little glue dots and/or a scotch tape pen
  • matching scrapbook paper for the outside decoration
  • smoochy lips scrapbook stamp and red stamp pad
  • fun colored gel ink pen for my coo-pins
  • colorful twine to tie my book closed

Love isn't exactly all you need...

The Booklet

Step One - Fold the card stock paper lengthwise into three equal parts, creasing each fold several times. Tear off one of the lengths so that now you have a double sheet and put the fold at the bottom.

Step Two - Take one of the cute little envelopes and fold the flap to the front of the envelope, so that the v shaped opening is exposed and right side up. Apply a few little glue dots to the front side (with the flap) and position it in the center of the folded card stock strip. Press firmly. 

Step Three: Fold each end of your card stock booklet-to-be in at either edge of the little envelope to form the sides of the booklet. Once again, crease each fold several times so that the flaps created will lie as flat as possible.

Fold the ends of the folded paper over to form the booklet edges.

Step Four: Take another little envelope and fold the flap over to the front of the envelope. On the first envelope, add glue dots (or strips of scotch tape from the little roller pen) to the area below the v shaped opening.

Position the second envelope (flap to the front so the v-shaped opening is showing) so that it lines up right over the top of the first envelope and press down firmly. Repeat for as many times as you'd like to make a little accordion style pleated holder for your coo-pins. Each pleat in mine held one coo-pin but remember, if you put the glue dots above the v, you'll glue it shut and your coo-pin won't go in.

Glue small envelopes on top of each other to make the little coo-pin holder.

Step Five: Now you get to decide what to put on your coo-pins. Buy your Sweetie dinner? Voucher for an relaxing foot rub? An IOU to mow the lawn? Free Pass for a Future Poker Night without you griping about the cigar smell?... It's all good! You know your Sweetie best, think about the simple pleasures that he or she enjoys and give a whole bunch of 'em at once!

Step Six: Use the little matching cards that came in the set with your envelopes and your snazzy colorful gel pen and start writing. Go ahead, go a little crazy. It's all for LOVE.


 Step Seven: After you have added all your envelopes and stuck them securely to each other and folded both sides of your booklet inward so that they lie fairly flat, it's time to tuck the coo-pins into your little accordion pleated masterpiece.

Coo-pins in the holder.

Put On the Finishing Touches 

This is where you get to reaaaally indulge in your creative side. Close up your little booklet and re-crease those edges if they still don't want to lie flat, then decorate the front. I went with a big red smoochy kiss stamped onto some colorful scrapbook paper and tied it all closed with a simple little stripey twine tie. But really, the decoration part of this DIY is only limited by your imagination so have some fun!!!

Tah Dah!

To recap: You didn't see the best coo-pins. I'm gonna get some serious Great Wife Points outta this Valentines Day and it took me about half an hour to put this all together... ;-)

Have fun!


Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

I bet my kids would like a coupon book of sorts. With some fun outings or something in it. Thanks for sharing!

Buffy said...

That's the best part, you can adapt this for kids, your sweetie or a good friend. B-)

Craftypants in Chief @Bespangled Jewelry said...

Cute! I think I might make some of these up for myself and hand them out as 'hints'. LOL!