January 12, 2013

The Happiness Jar Project

Even on days when you are not feeling so happy, there is always something to be happy and grateful for. And you really shouldn't have to look very far. Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame may not have been the first to come up with this idea, however, many have followed along.

During a hard time for me a couple of years ago, I set a daily alarm on my phone at 6:45, a time that I thought I would most likely hear. It says "Gratitude Time, focus on something or someone that I am grateful for." I hear the reminder sometimes from another part of the house and am always reminded.

So an online class I am taking gave us this project this week. I found a vintage Ball jar while cleaning out my workroom, washed it and began using small pieces of craft paper that I have been saving from my business cards. My reminders are sometimes simple, yoga today, my mantra for this year NO EXCUSES or dinner with a friend tonight.

At the end of the year, or perhaps on a day when I am feeling a little blue, I might read a few of my notes and it will surely be a reality check for me to get up off my duff and be happy.

Won't you make your Happiness Jar? If you do, please share yours.

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