January 24, 2013

Let's Make Some Magic!


Mustang Magic.

In Part 2 of my series on the horse world you can explore at the Fort Worth Stock Show,  the focus is on one of our nation's most enduring natural resources, the Wild Horse.

There's nothing that personifies the romance of the Wild West better than the equally Wild Horses that still inhabit it today. The whole idea of vast herds of magnificent and beautiful horses, galloping across the endless prairie, just dances around in your head, doesn't it? Too bad, that's only in the movies. The reality is far less romantic.

Based on data compiled in 2012, the Bureau of Land Management estimates that there are around 31,500 horses and 5,800 burros roaming BLM-managed rangelands in 10 Western states. That's more than 11,000 horses too many that can adequately live wild on the public rangeland without destroying the delicate natural balance.... And those numbers don't even include the more than 47,000 that are already being cared for in short-term corrals and long-term pastures.

But in a stroke of sheer creative genius, the Mustang Heritage Foundation came up with the perfect solution to partner with the BLM to offer wild horses for adoption through their various Extreme Mustang Makeover programs. And the first makeover and adoption event in 2013 is at the Fort Worth Stock Show!

When Does the Magic Happen?


The Mustang Magic competition will feature 20 wild mustangs and trainers who were invited from all across the country.  They will compete over three days for a purse of $10,000 and will be judged on Handling & Conditioning, Compulsory Maneuvers, Trail and Reining Pattern classes and a Freestyle Finals performance. It's a life coaching and job retraining, equine style!

But What's The Magic All About?

At the conclusion of the competition all competing Mustangs will be up for adoption by the public on Saturday, January 26th. So come see what real creative wildlife conservation looks like! You can be a part of this wonderful movement to preserve a wild part of our shared heritage and help relocate these magnificent animals into caring and safe new homes.

PS: Thanks to DB Young for making his amazing mustang photography available for free download so you can see these beautiful animals in their natural setting.

 Pinto stallion on the ridge 
Natural blonde

Black Ice

Fight Club


Sarah at Sima Design said...

Thanks for the good news story- I'm glad there is a program like that. You are right about imagining only the romantic part of the wild horses roaming free on the prairie. The reality sounds like too much competition for too little resources.

Patricia Morton said...

My son is really wanting to do this! Great article - thanks!