December 13, 2012

Think Small for Christmas

Bigger is Better! 

We've all heard that one, haven't we. Especially this time of year when it's so easy to get caught up in all the hype about what's BIG....The new big thing, with it's newer big price tag that ends up with you paying even bigger bills at the end of the year. It doesn't matter if it's good quality or not, hand made or mass produced, just as long as it's BIG! Yep, it's a sneaky process to psyche you into believing that the only good gift you should consider for that special person is a BIG gift.

But you are too smart to be sucked into that silliness for long. You know that the size of the gift isn't as important to the person getting it as the meaning and love behind it. So let's Celebrate The Small with this showcase of tiny treasures for Etsy Fort Worth.

Oh, did I mention that they are all under $25?

Lavender & Cedar Scented Sachets - Give the gift a fragrance with this set of four, all natural (and fabulous smelling) little sachets that come in their own hand sewn muslin bags that are hand stamped with darling steampunk designs. From DandyLyon's Garden for $12.

Best Friends Custom Hardwood Frame - Frame that special moment with your BFF in a custom hardwood frame that's professionally engraved with a detailed graphic treatment and a personalized gift message. From Just Off Normal for $17.

'Soft Kitty' Book-Inz - If your Inner Geek gets the sniffles, make it All Better with a 'Big Bang Theory' magnetic bookmark. From Book-Inz for $12.

Sterling Silver Hoops - The perfect wear everyday hammered sterling silver hoop earrings. From Amy Nicoles for $17.

Three Pack of Hand Crafted Soaps - Mix and match three big bars of all natural soap in yummy fragrances like Rosemary Mint, Amaretto Cherry or Lavender Patchouli. From TrishCat Soaps for $12.

Rose Quartz and Silver Earrings - Simply. Gorgeous. Faceted rose quartz beads suspended on hand crafted silver wires. From SplendorVendor for $12.

See? Bigger is not always better after all. The greatest things can come in small packages and even a small gift can bring alot of love. So why not think  a little smaller this Christmas?


Sarah at Sima Design said...

Heck yeah! I picked up a few already! Livin' La Vida Local!

Sarah at Sima Design said...
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Sarah at Sima Design said...
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