December 20, 2012

Sit! Stay! Santa!!

We're having a very hairy Christmas at our house this year.

We welcomed a new addition to our family in May when we brought home Pudge, a 14 pound twelve week Olde English Bulldogge. This is what he looked like then...

Awwwww, what an innocent face, right? Uh... not really. As we have come to learn over the last few months, behind those sweet brown eyes, perpetually wiggling backside, cute wrinkly face and gigantic paws is really a pecan crunching, stair tread chewing, no-shoe-is-safe gnawing, cat pestering, bed hogging canine that even scoops up acorns on walks to eat 'em like M&Ms. We are convinced that somewhere in his family pedigree is a billy goat.

Soooo, fast forward another 44 pounds and you get this...

Still sweet, even more fabulous wrinkles to play with, 360 degree rotation in the backside wiggling, an Honor Grad from the Beginners Obedience class at Petsmart, howls like a werewolf at every siren he hears, likes sleeping best upside down and ON me, still won't leave the %$#@! acorns alone and is prone to snuggling all 58 pounds onto my laptop keyboard to make me stop blogging and start playing.

All that I can live with. Mostly. But now he's eating the Christmas tree.

It's the same tree that we started with (minus a few small branches...) but we're on our fourth round of the Christmas lights.

He doesn't eat the lights, he just chews through the wires, leaving bits and pieces of green wire confetti artfully arranged around the base of the tree. Looks very festive, I must say.

I actually don't think he even notices the lights or wires as he sticks that big head into the middle of the tree in search of some tasty little twig. He just wants to start chewing on that yummy Douglas Fir that we thoughtfully have provided for his entertainment. Yes, he's a goat in dog's clothing.

Anyway, 5 different manufacturers of wood product/nylon/rawhide 'indestructible' chew items later, we have resorted to barricading the tree with our living room furniture whenever we leave the house and have sprayed half a bottle of bitter apple on the tree. If we can make it 24 hours without replacing the lights, (or ending up with Charlie Brown's Christmas tree) we will get brave and try adding some ornaments.

In the meantime, I'm going to try this awesome little homemade PawPrint Treats recipe that I found on Pinterest as an added incentive for Pudge to stop redistributing my Christmas decor.

After all, ya can't go wrong with Martha Stewart and bribing my kids with treats worked pretty well when they were trying to eat the tree at the same age.

Here's wishing you and all of your four footed, fuzzy, billy goat canine and feline people that you love a happy, snurfly, wiggly, slobbery Holiday Season and a Hairy New Year.

Update: The bitter apple spray seems to be working. Only one teeny little problem with that strategy. Pudge chewed on my most comfy pair of black Chuck Taylor tennies today instead. Oh well, I still have time to update my Christmas list again.

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