December 7, 2012

Ridiculously Great Homemade Toffee

Okay, admit it. Every Christmas, you go through all the cook books in your kitchen (and even search the online ones) to find that awesome recipe that's finally going to outshine your mother-in-law's triple layer artery clogging masterpiece. You know, the one that your husband can't stop talking about until January?

Well look now further, this recipe is soooooo good, it's going to make his Momma cry. And the best part is... (shhhhh!) it's EASY!

2 sticks of butter
Keebler Club Crackers
1 C white sugar
1- 16 oz. pkg Dark chocolate chips
1/2 - 16 oz. pkg Heath Bar bits
1/2  - 16 oz. pkg Cinnamon or Mint chocolate chips

pure, unadulterated sugar bombing bliss coming right up!

You can use a butter substitute but c'mon, you're making TOFFEE!  I did substitute reduced fat crackers this time, but it was mostly so I could say that it made the toffee "healthy"... Nobody really believed me but the container was very clean at the end of the day.

don't overlap the crackers and beware of the 'butter tidal wave'


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Lay one full sleeve of the crackers out on an ungreased cookie sheet but don't overlap them.

melted butter and sugar. heaven from the microwave!

Using a microwave safe measuring cup, melt the butter in your microwave then mix the sugar in with a fork or whisk. Slowly pour out the melted butter and sugar mixture over the crackers.

If you pour it out too fast, it will cause the crackers to float up on a little ' butter tidal wave' and overlap each other.

sugar and butter are poured evenly over all the crackers

Keep stirring the mixture as much as possible as you pour the butter over the crackers because the sugar will sink to the bottom of the measuring cup and you'll end up with all the sugar at one end of the pan.

I use a back and forth pattern when pouring to solve this problem and spread the melted butter more evenly across all the crackers. Bake the pan at 350 for 15 minutes. DON'T overbake! The crackers will brown and the sugar will carmelize with the butter and form the actual toffee type base.

use a long handled spatula to spread, unless you want chocolate knuckles...

Once the pan is out of the oven, sprinkle the dark chocolate chips all over the hot crackers. The chips will start to melt very quickly so use a long handled rubber spatula to spread the yummy chocolatey goodness across all the crackers.

If you are using the mint or cinnamon chips, now is the time to sprinkle them also. Note: I only use half the package with either the mint or cinnamon chips because I think the taste gets too overwhelming and will also make the toffee mushy but you can decide that for yourself.

fully melted and ready for the big finish!

yeah baby!

Sprinkle the Heath Bar chips over the entire pan of toffee while everything is still melty then put the pan of toffee in the fridge for half an hour or so to harden then break it up into small irregular shaped pieces. Taste testing along the way, of course.  B-)

Tah Dah!

Now the only thing left to do is put it all in a nice festive container and go let your Mom-in-Law know that there's a new Chef in town! I guarantee that your husband's mouth will be too full of toffee to be going on and on about anything his Momma made.

This Toffee makes an excellent gift, at least I've never had anyone turn it down. All the Chocaholics that you know will spend the rest of next year trying to keep on your good side. Merry Christmas!

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