December 27, 2012

How to Make Your Own Luck

Well, another year is almost done and it's time to start contemplating your path for the New Year. Ugh.

How about before we start getting down-n-dirty with all that brain cramping and deep thinking about how to expand and refine our businesses through hard work and extreme dedication, we take a little shortcut and just learn how to get lucky instead? Of course, I'm talking about how to make Origami Good Luck Cranes. (What did you think I was talking about?...)

Anyway, according to Japanese legend, if you make 1000 Cranes, your wish will be granted and you will have good fortune in the coming year. And you are going to get extra bonus good karma points, since you're going to add a side order of recycling and make these Cranes out of torn Christmas wrapping paper!

The Square Base

1. Start with a 6x6" piece of colorful wrapping paper, pretty side down and placed with one point up, like a diamond. Fold the paper in half diagonally up from the bottom and crease it really well. Unfold and rotate the paper one quarter turn and repeat.

2. After you do both diagonal folds, rotate the paper a quarter turn once again and fold in half, up from the bottom. Crease really well and rotate one quarter turn again. Repeat the fold from the bottom.

3. Your paper should look like this now and easily stand up, kind of like a tent.

4. Collapse the 'tent' down though between the folds so that it will lay down flat in a diamond shape. This is your Square Base.

 The Bird Base

1.    Take the flap on the left side and fold it over to form a long triangle. Do the same on the right side flap then open it back up.

2. Fold down the top point and crease really well. Unfold.

 3.  Fold the bottom point up, crease it really well then unfold again.

4.  Carefully open the flap up like a flower. If you have creased everything well, it should open up and fall into place easily. Flip the paper over and repeat steps 1-4 with the other side.

5. This is what it should look like when you are through. Tah Dah! You have finished your Bird Base!

 The Origami Crane

1. Fold both flaps to the center so that it looks like this. Then flip the paper over and do the same on the other flaps.

2. Fold each 'leg' backwards at a slight angle. crease it REALLY well then bend it back the other way and crease it again. This is called making an inside reverse fold, which sounds incredibly cool when you call it that.

 3. Your Origami Masterpiece should look like this when you are through creasing the legs both directions. After creasing, lift up the tip of one of the 'legs', tucking it between the other two sides of the paper.

 4. Make one more inside reverse fold at the end, fold it downward and tuck it between the two small sides to form the Crane's head. Finally, lift up the tip of the other 'leg' to form the tail of your Crane and fold down each wing.

Congratulations! You finished your first Wrapping Paper Good Luck Crane! Relax though,  you have plenty of time to make the other 999 between now and New Years Day.

For the final finishing touches, poke a hole in the point of the Crane's body with a tiny hole punch or a thick needle and tie a loop of some colorful string through for hanging. For an added bit of glitz and glamor, sprinkle each Crane with a little glitter and spray with Mod Podge Sealer to stiffen and preserve your Crane's shape.

Have fun, Happy Folding and good fortune in 2013!

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