November 17, 2012

Virtual Magzines: Souvenir Magazine

You've heard me say it before... I miss my shelter magazines. In this new age of iPads, readers and hand held or laptop devices, holding a magazine just isn't quite the same. But you can't live in the past - so I'm jumping in and buying some digital editions of some fabulous magazines I've found and I'm going to share them with you.

Souvenir Magazine comes out seasonally with their first issue Spring 2012. I started with this issue last week for just $1.95. I liked what I saw and I knew this week was the roll out of the Holiday issue so I bought it this morning.

I originally found Souvenir earlier this year when I entered and won a business card contest with Farm Chicks. Serena, who is also a contributing editor for Country Living Magazine as well as Souvenir and also launched a new website My Favorite Find earlier this year. My Favorite Find is kind of like a virtual show and tell to search for or promote great events, sales, shows, and shoppes anywhere in the world, or simply share your favorite finds.

In Souvenir, she and other editors share their stories and passions with NO ads, but instead 100+ pages of crafts, recipes and destinations to inspire. And the photography is just stunning.

There are some simple projects in this issue to get you in the mood for the holidays. Some things to make and some ways to display items you already have in a different way. Since our temps have dropped this week, it's the perfect time to curl up with a warm glass of your favorite and say "Awww".

So, though I can't hold it, dog ear it, highlight it or rip it out for my inspiration board - I'm enjoying it. Hope you do too! Let me know what your favorite feature is or feel free to share your favorite magazine and maybe I'll check it out next.

This post was written by Mindi at Red Dog Barkery. Visit her Etsy shop for durable, yet fashionable goods, or her blog for bits that are sure to whet your appetite.