September 5, 2012

DIY Halloween Decor + Recipe Ideas

Courtesy of Pinterest, I would like to bring you my top 5 current favorite Halloween DIY projects and recipes! 

1.) Make a spooky Jack 'O Lantern vase by painting a carved pumpkin white and dress it up with some brightly colored autumn flowers!

JackOLantern Halloween vase from
Jack O' Lantern spooky Halloween vase from

2.) Glitter up some scary words on colorful paper and stick them in frames like these cute "Boo" Decorations from Eighteen25! (Bonus: keep scrolling down the page after this frame tutorial on her blog for several more awesome Halloween decor projects and ideas!)

Boo Halloween Frames DIY by eighteen25
Boo! Halloween Decor DIY project by Eighteen25

3.) StarshineChic spent only $3 and used a lot of things she already had on hand to create this adorable look for her frugal Halloween Decor.

DIY Halloween Decor projects by StarshineChic
 Frugal Halloween Decor DIY by StarshineChic

4.) Make Halloween cupcakes! Wouldn't these adorable treats by Annie's Eats just make anybody smile?

Halloween Cupcakes by Annie's Eats
Spiced Pumpkin Halloween Cupcakes by Annie's Eats

5.) Make your own terrifying tortilla chips with fun Halloween shaped cookie cutters! This recipe is by GhoulFriday, and the blog has a fabulous selection of super scary DIY Halloween projects (too gory to share here) that would make for excellent decorations !

DIY Halloween Tortilla Chips Recipe by GhoulFriday
DIY Halloween Tortilla Chips, recipe by GhoulFriday

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