August 13, 2012

Member Monday: Meet....

Trish Morton of
Trishcat Soap!

My name is Trish Morton.  I am a retired bookkeeper who has discovered the joy (and obsession!) of soapmaking.  I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband, 3 canine fur babies, a grand-dog and 1 feline sweetheart.  I have two grown sons and a beautiful daughter-in-law.

When I am not soapcrafting, I’m a Master Naturalist, an Urban Forester, and have started and participate in an urban homesteading meet-up group.

 Q- Tell us what you primarily make, and what your favorite
       mediums are:       

I love making healthy, nurturing soaps that not only make your skin feel fabulous but that also smell wonderful.  I use goat milk in most of my soaps but I make a few specialty items without it (a superbly moisture-rich facial bar for dry skin, a toning and clarifying bar for oily skin, and a wonderfully healthy and good smelling bar formulated especially for canine babies). 
I also formulate lotions and solid lotions.  I use a lot of shea butter and beeswax in my formulas, and of course olive oil which is just fabulous for skin.  And lavender – I tend to use lavender essential oil in many, many of my products.  I love what it does; it just has so many wonderful properties to it.

Q- Talk a little about what you love most in the creative process. How making art makes you feel.

Making soap has opened up a whole creative side to me that I never really was in touch with.  I have tried other crafts – knitting, sewing, needlework of various types – but when I made my first batch of soap, in a one-on-one soap class, in a total state of rapture I looked at my teacher and said, “I want to do this again.”  And I began selling my soap pretty early on just to pay for my soapmaking habit!  It was a pretty instantaneous addiction.
But generally speaking, opening up this creative side of myself has left me open to other areas as well.  Through soapmaking, I now have such a deeper understanding of oils, herbs, spices and other kitchen ingredients and how they interact with one another.  I am a much more adventurous cook than ever before.  And I have taken up gardening, which is something I never did in my pre-soap life. 
I did not have what I have come to call “creative courage”.  I was afraid to try something because of fear of failure.  Now, while I’m not what you would call an avid gardener, I do have the courage to stretch myself, and to trust that I am capable of creating and encouraging something new and beautiful to burst forth into life.  I carry this over into my kitchen as well.  And that’s how I feel whether I am gardening, whether I am making a new batch of soap, or even just looking for a new creative outlet.

Q-   Is there an art or craft you are interested in learning? Or have you tried them all?

I am thinking I might like to try pottery making or sculpture.  I like the idea of putting my hands in clay and shaping something.

Q- Talk a little about what being a member of EFW means to you.

Well, being a member of Etsy FW puts me in touch with some other super creative people and this helps not only validate my own creative spirit but to push me to stretch into something out of my current comfort zone.  I get comfy and complacent, and being part of EFW really kinda kicks me off my comfy tush and back into the zone, so to speak.  I am thrilled to be part of such a fabulous group of crafty, creative artists!
I like to create products that are geared toward specific uses/needs.  I love sitting down with my resource materials and putting together a recipe for a specific purpose.  My husband says, when he sees me at work, that the mad scientist is back at work.  Specialty products I have created include my facial soaps, which I mentioned above, and a super-nice facial moisturizer I make with emu and evening primrose oils.
Midnight Magic.jpg

And one day I sat down and formulated an my herbal dog shampoo bar.  I have an elderly dog with skin issues, and she is highly allergic to fleas.  So I researched my oils and put together a shampoo bar especially for dogs.

Soap-Dog Poo.jpg

Trish can be found on the web by clicking on the links below!  Let's show her some love!