May 26, 2012

Tip, Trick or Technique

I AM an American Picker. The dirtier the better. If it's all tidied up, washed and pressed,  I'm likely to pass it over. If it's in pieces on the curb or in a pile to the side that says "Free" or $1.00, my heart skips a beat. This weekend is one of those that makes my heart happy. A few weeks ago I rounded the corner coming home and there was a pile in the driveway of a house around the corner. It was old, and junky and all Americana. A wire laundry cart on wheels like I have often wanted, some old wicker furniture in need of repair and some old wooden crates. I skidded to the curb and got out. "How much for this cart" I asked, fully expecting $50 or more as the price tag. "Oh, you can have it for $2.00". was the reply. And so the pile began. $20 later I had the cart along with some vintage signs from a Motts 5 & 10 store (my first job at 14), a grocery store paper dispenser, an Oak corner shelf, an old pot and various other "treasures". Come to find out the house was on American Pickers (Frank's Pacemaker) last summer. I knew they filmed in the neighborhood but I never knew where. Trust me, I would have been hanging out. Anyway, today was the neighborhood garage sale and the doors were open again. But let me say one more thing before we get to today... Last night we were coming home from dinner and passed by the house to see if there was any action; low and behold on the curb was another pile.  The same wicker furniture in need of repair (although there was a day I would have certainly picked it up). But against the railroad tie flower bed were two pieces of wood that were the ends to a church pew and on the driveway was the bench. My neighbor came out to tell me that it was from the 1800's and all of the pieces were there. So of course, we loaded it up.

Today I found a few more items, some vintage fabric, children's hankies, some costume jewelry, an Oak shelf with squirrel carvings, a scrapbook from 1947 full of dog memorabilia and more. I can't really explain it but it's kind of like picking up a stray dog, I love that it had another life somewhere and it came to share it with me.

Today's treasures = $20
Fun = Priceless 

And now comes the restoration. Scott's Liquid Gold will be my new best friend. Scott's is a company that's history dates back to the 1950's and was invented in the family garage. So they were all about the handmade movement back then too. He loaded it up in his station wagon and sold it store to store.

I've got to go now and get busy getting my hands dirty, meanwhile my husband is playing a 1930's harmonica (in the original box) to his new (old) sheet music. He also got some pirated 60's albums brought back from Taiwan. Oh lord, now he has his trumpet out! And the dogs are under the table wondering exactly what they are supposed to do when called to the military battle cry.

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