April 18, 2012

The Winner of the March "Upcycle THIS!" Craft Challenge is...Coco and Cocoa!

Congratulations to Julie of Coco & Cocoa for winning last month's Craft Challenge with a fabulous makeover of a pair of high heel shoes! Find out how she did it right here on her blog!

Julie has lots of lovely crochet flower brooches just like those adorning her new shoes in her Etsy shop, along with some adorable handmade flower headbands! 
Handmade crochet flower brooch in coral by CocoCocoa on Etsy
Teal crochet flower headband by CocoCocoa on Etsy
These wonderful handmade items are perfect handmade accessories for spring and summer, and are available in a variety of colors in the shop, PLUS Julie is always happy to take special requests for custom items, so don't be shy if you have something in mind! 

Do yourself a favor and take a little time to visit Julie and Coco&Cocoa on the web, and show our creative craft challenge winner a little love ~

Great job, Julie!  I hope you get lots of opportunities to strut your stuff in your fabulous new shoes. They are super cute!


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This post was written by Jessica of Bespangled Jewelry. Visit her Etsy shop for beautiful handmade artisan jewelry, or her blog for inspiration, beauty, and goodness!