May 28, 2012

Member Monday: Meet....

Amelia of
Fitzy Sparrow

Amelia is a member of Etsy Fort Worth who makes the loveliest vintage inspired jewelry!  I've had the pleasure of perusing Amelia's wares in person at a local show.  Here are a few favorites of mine from her Etsy shop.

Taken from Fitzy Sparrow's profile page on Etsy:

A mixture of punk, elegance, and chic make my line of vintage inspired jewelry stand out. Many of my pieces are one of a kind and almost all utilize some form of vintage component. A wide range of styles are represented including steampunk, shabby chic, and neo victorian, among others, but it is always a definitively Fitzy Sparrow design.

I love it!  Please go give Amelia's Etsy shop some love!

This post written by Amy Nicole.

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