March 21, 2012

The Winner of the February "Upcycle THIS!" Craft Challenge is... Dandylyon's Garden!

Congratulations to Dandylyon's Garden for winning last month's Craft Challenge with their cleverly repurposed empty thread spool as a unique and artistic pendant. You can learn how to make one through the step-by-step tutorial here!

This husband and wife team, Jake and Amber, run an educational site on gardening, greener living, seasonal eating, tea, and tutorials, plus a lovely Etsy shop which features a wonderful array of handmade and vintage items such as jewelry, quilts, and herbed sachets...for starters!

 Handmade Lavender Dryer Sachets by DandylyonsGarden on Etsy

Here are the "official" His & Hers bios:

Jake Royer works for a Civil Engineering firm, where he deals, among other things, with grading and water movement.  He has been a gardener for fifteen years, and answers gardening questions on his blog, GardenTimeline. He is a member of The Botanical Research Institute of Texas. As an artist, his favorite materials are glass, wool, copper, and his digital camera. Jake is an avid photographer, taking beautiful nature related photos. You'll want to visit his Etsy shop, Golden Tip Photography

Dominican Waterfall by GoldenTipPhotography on Etsy

Amber Royer is a degreed librarian turned freelance writer/teacher /herbal craft artisan.  She is a regular columnist for the Dave’s Garden on-line gardening community, and she teaches cooking classes for The University of Texas at Arlington.  She has lectured about tea, gardening and cooking with herbs aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, as well as in other venues as diverse as herb festivals to PTA groups.  She blogs about tea at .  She has collected all her favorite things about plants into her book, A Walk Through Dandylyon’s Garden: Enhancing Your Life Through Natural Botanicals (Currently Available on the Dandylyon's Garden Etsy site). 

Both of the Royers grew up in Southeast Texas, but have spent the last decade in the DFW Metroplex.

You can find this nature-loving crafty couple and their amazing ventures all over the web:


Or, meet Jake and Amber in person at the Thyme for Herbs Festival in Beaumont, TX on April 14th (where Amber will be doing a demo on pressed flower art), or at the Greater Fort Worth Herb Society Festival on May 19th!


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