March 5, 2012

Member Monday: Meet....

Jeff Loy!


Introduce yourself:

 My name is Jeff Loy and I'm the owner of JML Photoworks. I live in the Hurst, Texas area with my wife Kim and our three dogs Maggie, Marco and Callie (who we're pretty certain are insane). My current "day job" is working as a freelance Communications Specialist.

What do you create, and what are your favorite mediums?
My shop consists of products featuring my photography, including matted and framed prints, jewelry and note cards. My favorite items are probably my canvas wraps, which are photos printed on to canvas and then wrapped around wooden stretch bars. 

The downside to creating these is that they are incredibly labor intensive and require manual dexterity and quite a bit of patience (neither of which I really have a lot of). The upside is that there's actually craftsmanship involved, which I think photography has lost to a point with the move from film and the darkroom to digital. The other cool part is that electric staple guns are involved. (Have I mentioned that power tools are awesome?).

Golden Gate Bridge

What do you love about what you create?

 Even though I've shot professionally for 15 years, I still love photography when I get to do it for myself. The challenge of recording what you see or bringing your vision to life, exactly how you see it, the way the light hits something, making the viewer "get it"...that never gets old.


Homeless Christmas Tree

Is there any art or craft you are interested in learning?


One of the things I'm really interested in is transferring the image on to surfaces such as metal, stone, etc. I really want customers to stop and think, "You know, I've never seen that type of thing before."


What does being a member of Etsy Fort Worth mean to you? 

I've never been a person that has joined a lot of groups, but joining Etsy Fort Worth was definitely the right choice. The support, advice and information that comes from the other members has been invaluable.

A big thank you to Jeff for sharing with us!  Go give his Etsy shop some love! 

This blog post by Amy Nicole