March 7, 2012

10 Crafty Fun Ways to use those Fabric Scraps You've Been Collecting!

Don't worry, your secret is safe here.  (We save our scraps too.) Here's a collection of fabulously creative tutorials that we hope will inspire you to do something with those lovely fabric scraps!

1.) Make decorative clothes pins (by PrudentBaby) 

How to make cute fabric-covered clothes pins by PrudentBaby

2.) Make some cute binder clips (by Dandee-Designs)

How to make fabric-covered binder clips by Dandee-Designs

3.)  Make some adorable fabric-covered thumb tacks (by HowAboutOrange)

How to make fabric-covered thumbtacks by HowAboutOrange

4.) Make a decorative garland to spice up your space (from

How to make a decorative garland using fabric scraps by

5.) Make a bowl in your favorite colors (from

How to make a bowl using fabric scraps by

6.) Make a whimsical keychain (from

How to make whimsical keychains with fabric scraps by LivingWithPunks

7.) Make shoelaces to add some fun to your feet! (

How to make shoelaces from scrap fabric by Sara-vs-Sarah

8.) Make bracelets from those fabric scraps! (

How to make bracelets with fabric scraps by

9.) Personalize your notebook, sketchbook, or journal ( 

How to personalize a notebook using fabric scraps by

10.) Make a colorful wreath wrapped with fabric scraps (by InColorOrder)

How to make a wreath with fabric scraps by InColorOrder

We hope you've enjoyed our 10 Crafty Fun Ways to use up those Fabric Scraps You've Been Collecting and are inspired to CREATE!

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