February 8, 2012

Upcycle THIS: February Craft Challenge - Empty Thread Spools!

This is the second of what is to be a regular occurrence here at the Etsy Fort Worth blog, I would like to introduce you to your February Craft Challenge:
Photo courtesy of Brenda Gottsabend
 via Flickr.com,  CC BY 2.0

   Empty Thread Spools!

After January's challenge using disposable sushi trays as our secret ingredient, I had several requests for upcoming challenges to use more readily available objects so that more people were able to enter! Now, while not everyone sews, chances are you might still know someone who does who also happens to keep empty spools around 'for something'. So hopefully, if you're interested in this particular challenge it won't be too difficult to get your hands on some of these.

For your project, you may use one of these spools, or you may use several. It doesn't matter whether they're wooden or plastic. Use whatever you have!  Don't forget to document your steps along the way with pics and notes and be sure to take a 'before' photo as well as the 'after' one! (I would also recommend including a list of supplies and materials at the top of your post).

Write your tutorial or how-to blog post on your own blog and post the link in the widget at the bottom of this post by Wednesday February 29th at 11:59pm at the latest. (Voting will begin at 12:00am March 1st, at which point the link-up widget will block new entries).  We'll blast out the link to this post to all our social networks, and you do the same - we all encourage everyone we know to vote! Winners will be chosen by the number of votes (voting closes at 11:59pm March 7th) and will be announced with a featured blog post the following week which is all about you, with links to your shop, blog, etc. and your logo badge will be stationed on our sidebar for a whole month!

We hope you are inspired to create by this crafty challenge, and that you'll have tons of fun in the process! Thanks for reading; now go forth, and GET CRAFTY!

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