February 15, 2012

Aaaaaaaand The Winner of the January "Upcycle THIS!" Craft Challenge is...

Congratulations to Stephanie of Robot Pop for winning our very first Etsy Fort Worth Craft Challenge contest! She garnered the most votes from our readers for her fun & funky jewelry creations using what turned out to be a pretty difficult secret craft ingredient: Disposable To-Go Sushi Trays! 
Long, layered necklace made with beads from recycled plastic
sushi trays by RobotPop

Take a look at her blog, Love, Robot Pop for three ( - that's right, THREE! I could barely come up with ONE - ) ingenious step-by-step tutorials for making jewelry with upcycled Sushi Trays

Awesome multi-layered cluster necklace and link bracelet
made with recycled plastic sushi trays, by RobotPop
These styles aren't any less creative than the jewelry you'll find in RobotPop's Etsy shop, though you'll find a more pastel color palette there.  Stephanie describes her wares as "cute, candy colored jewelry and accessories made from vintage finds, found objects, and fiber, " and I really can't come up with a description that fits so perfectly so I won't even try :)

My favorites from the shop are the Hand Painted Glitter stud earrings in all different colors.  These green ones especially stand out, since Emerald Green is always such a hot color for spring, and hey - guess what?? St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! Why don't you grab yourself a pair?  I guarantee you'll be the luckiest leprechaun in the whole parade!
Green Hand-Painted Glitter Post Earrings by RobotPop
And, saving dessert for last, these sweet little cuties are RobotPop's last pair of Sugar Rush Cupcake Earrings!  Why not satisfy that craving? These are 100% guilt-free.  Pinky swear.

Sugar Rush Cupcake Earrings by RobotPop
You can find Stephanie and RobotPop all over the web:

Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing your amazing and inspiring tutorials with us!

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This post was written by Jessica of Bespangled Jewelry. Visit her Etsy shop for beautiful handmade artisan jewelry, or her blog for inspiration, beauty, and goodness!