January 10, 2012

Etsy Fort Worth Announces a Monthly Craft Challenge Contest!

I have a confession to make.  Every time I toss an empty cardboard paper towel or toilet paper tube into the recycling bin, I think to myself...I bet I could come up with something aweseomely creative to do with a whole bunch of these. Luckily, I also have another, slightly cynical voice in my head that tends to quip back, where would you keep them, next to the jar of old buttons or that bowl full of corks?? you're gonna need a bigger house if you start collecting any more 'craft supplies' for projects that don't even exist yet... 

There's just something about unconventional art supplies that is so hard to resist!  If you're not an avid crafter, then you probably don't understand it, but if you are that very special kind of person, you know exactly what I mean, and I want to thank you for not judging me or thinking I might belong in an episode of a certain TV show for people who compulsively collect weird things for no reason (...I can't even say the name, it's too terrifying).

Well, luckily my friends at Etsy Fort Worth understand my compulsion, and are even enabling it by condoning a Monthly Craft Challenge blog post.  Every month, on the 2nd Wednesday, we'll be posting a challenge to get your creativity flowing and hope that you'll participate by taking the 'secret ingredient' and turning it into something awesome!  The idea is this:
  • We choose a random object that is generally discarded by most households as trash or is recycled, and introduce it to you as the monthly challenge object.
  • You are excited and inspired by it, and come up with something mind-bogglingly amazing to do with it, that ends up being aesthetically pleasing and possibly even functional.
  • You post the process on your own blog, with lots of pictures of all your steps, a list of supplies for the project, and an explanation of what you did to make it so fantastic.
  • Post a link to your blog post in the comments section of our original challenge post, before the specified deadline.
  • We will create a blog post with a gallery of all the entries (with links back to your blog, of course!) and encourage our readers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers, etc. to vote for the one they like the best! You do the same with all your network of followers.
The entry with the most votes wins a featured blog post (all about you!) AND your logo badge that links to your shop or blog right here on the Etsy Fort Worth blogspot!

*It is ok to enter more than once, however, each project or entry must have its own separate blog post. (If you have three projects to enter but you put them all in the same post, you would only be able to submit that once).

Keep your eyes peeled for the first challenge, which will be announced here tomorrow!

This post was written by Jessica of Bespangled Jewelry. Visit her Etsy shop for beautiful handmade artisan jewelry, or her blog forinspiration, beauty, and goodness!