October 10, 2011

Cowtown Indie Bazaar Sponsor: WorthGoing.com

WorthGoing.com is making artful connections!

WorthGoing.com is a one-stop website for arts events throughout Tarrant county. It includes art museums, dance, music, comedy, film festivals, cultural events, theatre, and so much more.  The site is the work of the The Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, and strives to be not just an event listing site, but also an online community connecting arts and entertainment lovers with events and individual artists throughout Tarrant County. This is a place where a multi-million dollar touring exhibit at the Kimball is listed right next to a small local gallery showing local artists.

For artists and craftsmen, this is a valuable tool to build a vibrant arts community. WorthGoing.com features a searchable artist directory that allows you to feature your bio, contact information, photos and/or videos of your work. “The Artist’s directory is one of the first steps in creating the artist’s community we want to build” says Katherine Ware, vice President of Community Relations.  “Right now, we’re building the foundation to grow on.”  As the artists directory grows,  it will become a venue for calls for entry, audition notices, class notices, and other ways to connect artists with each other  and with the community.

Another fun feature of the site is an online copy of ARTicle Magazine. This quarterly publication produced by the Arts council provides an insider's view of arts and culture in Tarrant County.  ARTicle wants to get away from the stereotype of covering only the big venues and formal "museum" art. The magazine features topics like street art, public art, and has upcoming stories on the value of historic architecture.  Ware says, “The magazine is an opportunity to build community and think about art in different ways.”  

WorthGoing.com is a valuable resource for entertainment, education, creativity, community, and culture.  Art supporters are interested in a lot of things, so it made sense for the Arts Council of Tarrant County to put all of their interests in one place.

Check it out! I guarantee that as an arts lover, you'll find something there that is worth going back for.