September 22, 2011

Fall Bloomers

Once again I'm here to tell you about the benefits of organic gardening. Here's what's blooming at my house right now.

Sometimes called the School House lily (because of it's timeliness to the start of school), these hardy plants frequently make appearances in older neighborhoods of Central Texas. Oxblood lily flower bulbs bloom with a vivid display of several entrancing flowers in the Fall. They are historic and, until now, are almost impossible to buy. You can find these and many other native Texas bulbs at The Southern Bulb Co. Comprised of two bulb enthusiasts and Texas A&M graduates they seek to find what was once lost to the Southern gardener, bulbs that thrive in warm climates. So gone are the days of buying bulbs for your local big box or garden center that are imported from a northern state where you need to refrigerate them and select just the right time to plant. The price may seem high for these heirlooms, however, remember that most of these bulbs naturalize here and will flourish and spread (and grow friends). So your investment now will pay off for many years to come. I have many of these bulbs in my yard, some of which were planted years before my coming here. Oxblood, Crinum, Iris and Narcissus to name a few but I've also added additional bulbs from Southern Bulb and am rewarded year after year. Imagine my surprise after this horrid summer of heat and drought to return home this week to find these beauties waiting for me.

They have lots of interesting and helpful information on their website and blog including info on finding your zone and bulb FAQ. Know that they only have particular bulbs available online when it is time to plant in your zone. They even have a video of an Oxblood dig, showing how these bulbs grow in abandoned areas.

What are you waiting for?