August 24, 2011

Revisiting the craft store of my youth

Yesterday I made a walk down Memory Lane. I visited the craft store of my youth. What used to be the original Ben Franklin when I was a child later became Smith's. Ben Franklin was caught up in the whole era of MJDesigns/Michael's and I think bought out during this time by the Smith's. Though I am not certain of the timing on all of this I do remember when the store changed names. The store did not however change much else. I am really showing my age here and judging that most of my fellow Etsian's are about twenty years younger than me, I'll just tell you this was all around 1968. I am certain there are still things in that store that were there then. Our trips to Ben Franklin usually involved picking up something to wrap a gift. My mother was an excellent gift wrapper. A wedding, baby or birthday gift. It always involved pretty paper, ribbon and a pretty tie on. Yesterday I went in search of the same. I was pleasantly surprised that I could still buy wrapping paper by the yard, ribbon by the yard and the wedding rings for tie on. There was a whole section of ribbon by the bolt for $1 (probably because it is from the 70's). But I bought some.

While I was getting my things cut I visited with a lovely lady who has worked there for 24 years, Georgie. We talked about the history of the store and how she came to work there. She came to Texas from California and settled in Fort Worth for the roller skating. She worked at the Dairy Queen and often visited with the owner of Smith's about crafting when they went in for lunch. One day the owner's wife said "you probably know how to cut yardage" and she said yes. The rest they say is history. She is still there cutting ribbons and making bows. She knows where everything is in the store and has a story to share with you if you have a minute.

It was a good day and I look forward to the next time I need to wrap a gift and have a few minutes to spend and the $1.50 that I spent to gather my supplies.

They also had a huge section for homecoming mums for all you moms (and very cheaply priced).

I'll be honest, Smith's doesn't reside in the nicest part of town anymore. During my youth the eastside of Fort Worth was not as it is now. But it's worth the trip, at least for me.

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Margaret said...

Is this the shop on Lancaster? The person that planned my wedding many moons ago insisted we go there for ribbon and such. I had no idea it was still open.