August 27, 2011

Cowtown Indie Bazaar: Goody Bags


If you've been to Cowtown Indie Bazaar or follow our blog, then you have probably heard about our fabulous goody bags filled with handmade awesomeness.  These bags are only available to the first 50 visitors to the show and have been known to get a line forming as early as 7am.  It's no wonder, considering the buzz created by the weekly blog sneak peeks and that previous bags have each contained over 25 handmade items.

We are currently looking for indie businesses to sponsor this portion of our event and provide samples and promos to fill our bags.  You can provide anywhere from 10-50+ items and there is no charge for including your items in the bags.  Businesses providing 10+ handmade product samples will be listed in our blog post thanking all sponsors.  Businesses providing 50+ handmade product samples receive free social networking promotion and a feature in one of our sneak peek blog posts.  Our goody bags offer you the opportunity to get your items in the hands of potential customers, so they can see them, hold them and hopefully buy more.

Some items that make wonderful goody bag promos are:
-Bath and Body Products
-Small Art Prints and Photos
-Note Cards, Stationary and Post Cards
-Small Sewn Items
-Hair Accessories

If you are interested in participating in the bags, but need help coming up with an idea of what to include please see our past Goody Bag posts or email us at

All goody bag contributors must first sign up for approval.  This is to make sure we can get more info to you and that we have your info on file for featuring you on the blog.  You can apply via the button at the bottom of this post.  All goody bag items are due by October 1st, if you wish to be featured on the blog.

As a special bonus to those who sign up, our friends at Unanimous Craft have graciously offered a chance for even further promotion to thousands of people.  The first 10 businesses to apply as a sponsor and turn in their 50 handmade promos will receive free promotion on the Unanimous Craft Facebook, Twitter and newsletter.  Anyone eligible for this offer will receive confirmation and further instructions once their items are received.  So, you better get a move on because we've already gotten a few contributions.

In case you're wondering what Unanimous Craft is all about, it's a directory of resources for indie crafters.  You can find great tools to help you run your business or inspiring blogs to read on your down time.  You can create listings for your own business and ask customers to review you.  They're basically trying to organize the entire indie craft community into one sortable, searchable tag-able directory.  It's free to be a member, or you can have an upgraded paid membership with bonus features.



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