July 27, 2011

Collecting Vintage Picnic Tins

Aww, collecting.  What haven't I collected?  There was a time when the hunt of the treasure was such an excitement.  The early bird gets the worm.  During my AA days I traveled to many an antique show in many states.  Brimfield, if you've never been is heaven for the collector.  I've been known to be out before light with a flashlight.  I will never forget where I was on 9/11.  Southlake Flea Market. Yes, on a Tuesday, those were the days.  The dirtier, the better.

One of many things I've collected are picnic tins.  I had them stacked and I've had them stored.  But finally they are serving their best purpose yet for me.  They hold my supplies.

 Country Living

On the left I have the top one and the third one and on the right I have the red and yellow one.  And I have a whole slew more.  I've got octagonal, I've got square, I've got rectangular.  This picture is not mine, but it might as well be, I've got all four.  I've got a problem.

But once I started my business, they've really come in handy.  One holds thread, one holds sewing machine parts, two hold my supplies that I carry with me to shows.  You get the picture.  It's always so nice to find a new use for an old treasure.  And while I was searching for pictures I ran across someone's collection of celluloid - perfume bottles, clocks, picture frames. Yes, I have those too, and platters, rolling pins, sprinkler's, my mother's collection of crosses (I came by it naturally).  Geez, it's worse than I thought.  This just might be a new kind of therapy.  Exploring my passions with a new eye.  My husband will be thrilled.  He'll tell you, the first time he saw my ice pick collection he was worried.

What do you collect?  Come on now, be honest.

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