February 22, 2011

insideINFORMATION: Cowtown Indie Bazaar Music Spotlight

Today's spotlight is on one of the local music talents, Kassy Levels. Her biography totes "With fans ranging in age from 3 to 93 and of every race and background, Kassy Levels, a singer-songwriter has found a way to reach the masses. It's not everyday that you hear a 14 year old with an amazingly mature alto voice".

As a testimony to her mass appeal, Kassy recently won the “People's Choice” award in the Pop/AC category at Fall Indie Fest 2010 in Grand Prairie, Texas. She was recently recognized by MOG.com and listed as one of their artist of the week on their Musicxray site. Her song “Sweet Dear” also reached #1 on “The Radio Cafe”, a Detroit Indie internet radio station weekly top ten countdown show. She is also currently a finalist in the national Yobi.tv “YobiSing Vocal Talent Contest”.

Citing influences as diverse as Beyonce, John Mayer and Journey, Kassy has created a unique sound within the classifications of modern pop with the laid-back appeal of adult contemporary. It’s easy to see that with her natural charm, dynamic stage presence and collection of outstanding original music, Kassy Levels is the complete “star” package.

You'll be able to see Kassy live at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar as one of our local music talents.

Meanwhile, be sure and visit Kassy's Facebook page for information on her CD Release Party and a chance to download "Once Upon a Time" from that upcoming album Storyteller.

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