February 11, 2011

craft culture:: fortune cookie valentine's

It's Julie{isCocoandCoco} today! I'm really excited to step over from the Giveaway posts and get to share a crafty idea with you. Last year I saw these cute fabric fortune cookies over at the Brassy Apple and I filed the idea away.

Then the kids came home from school this week with their class list for valentine's and I remembered them. Thankfully the nine-year-old boys approved (they vetoed some of my other idea's).

Since they were for Valentine's Day I choose some red fabrics, and I cut out a big stack of circles that were 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

Then I hot glued some wire down the middle of the circle. I used 22 gauge wire. (I also hot glued a piece of ribbon down on top of the wire).

Then you fold the circle in half with the wire straight along one side

And then fold

Then they are ready to go

Happy (Handmade) Valentine's Day!


TexasEagle said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Danica said...

I love them!!! So cute- hmmmm- Might have to steal this one! Merci Julie

Margaret said...

Too cute! I have piles of scraps I could use to make some!

Mimi Cross said...

Great idea! Now I'm filing this idea away for future use. Thanks.