November 10, 2010


Today I am doing things a bit different- I would like to SPOTLIGHT one of our members who went beyond the call of duty this last weekend. She ran our team booth at a local event called,
" The Funky Finds - THE EXPERIENCE!"

We Love her and call her by her real name Stephanie- but in the craft world she in know as...

Robot Pop serves up a variety of jewelry deliciousness.
Styles range depending on the mood of the artist.

Sometimes utilizing vintage components for a soft romantic look and other times really letting her inner child speak with bright candy colored lovelies. Whatever her mood, I can assure you her products are quality handmade awesomeness made with love and care. Here take a peek at a few of her things.

Stephanie is not only a successful indie business owner, she is also a wife and mother of two precious little girls. I personally think her 3 year old is an 80 year old women in a tiny new body- she knows what she wants and gets it.

If your out and about in the local craft scene you could very well find ROBOT POP-
there selling her wares and warmly greeting shoppers. She is full of useful information so when your looking at the goods you can be learning too. There are supplies for sale in her etsy shop from time to time- so if your looking for something different for a project it might be worth a shot to check her out.

Here is some more yummies for sale....

Etsy Fort Worth is lucky to have such a jewel as Stephine from Robot POP! We <3 U!



Robot Pop said...

Aww, thanks for the awesomely sweet surprise Danica!

Danica said...

My Pleasure! You are a doll! Hope you have a successful holiday season!