November 15, 2010

craft culture:: potthead party

The newest cinematic installation of the Harry Potter saga is coming out soon. I recently attended a kids' party celebrating the stories penned by J.K. Rowling.
We arrived at Hogwart's full of wizards who resembled Hermoine Grainger and Harry Potter, himself.

My favorite costumes? The golden snitch, of course!

Harry's owl, Hedwig, also made an appearance.

Professor Mcgonagall quizzed the students on trivia and led them on a tour around the castle. It was a perfect night for a friendly game of "quidditch" freeze tag.

It's not a party without treats... or is it? We were welcomed into the delightfully sweet world of Honeydukes.

...but be careful what Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans you try.

( I didn't get a photo of one of the biggest treats of the party. Butter Beer!! It was a hit! A mug of creme soda mixed with a buttery caramel sauce until frothy. mmmm. Might be making that again post Potter.)

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Beth said...

I'm just jealous I wasn't there. lol It looks amazing!!