November 22, 2010

craft culture:: etsy fort worth wrap party.

2009-2010 was a great year for Etsy Fort Worth and we threw a soiree' to show our members how much they are appreciated! If you know me, then you know that I'm a sucker for a theme. So that's when the "wrap" party was born.

I built this photowall because I knew we would get some great shots with this bunch. So much fun!

What kind of food do you have at a wrap party? Wrapped food, silly! Turkey-basil wraps, bacon wrapped green beans(mmmm), egg rolls, spring rolls, banana eggrolls, chocolate wrapped in phyllo. I love dressing up a table. Especially for this shindig. I love elevating food. I used vintage suitcases, stacks of books, wood and scattered the whole table with my own kind of confetti, wooden spools and buttons!

Every good party needs a signature drink. We had a craftini, of course, but our most popular offering was "The Vanilla Ice". Because it was a (rap) party! Basically an adult version of a coke float, vanilla ice cream included!

We had the best time! We made pins, had a magazine challenge to get your craft on, did a handmade gift exchange and even had a prize wheel to spin. Everyone was a winner!

Well, people... that's a wrap! Here's to another exciting year!! You can see the party's complete album at my revel designs Facebook page,

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Danica said...

It was the most fun party- ever! You way out did yourself Cindy, and we are very grateful!!!