October 18, 2010

craft culture:: glitter!!

Let's see how many time I can squeeze glitter into this post! I am so in love with glitter this month! Glitter has come so far these days. So many colors, so many sizes! Of course my munchkin had to get in on the glitter action.

Don't ask me why this spider has 10 legs. There was no way my munchkin was going to let me cut off her thumbs! We cut out her handprints with construction paper then glittered them. Personally, I love the monochromatic look.
After making a few pom-poms, which is addictive in itself, we added a little glitz to them with glitter!

Glue all the parts together and what have you got? A little spook with a lot of bling! Glitter, glitter, glitter!

Check out another glitter project for Halloween. My mom lives in Vegas and she wanted some help with her Miss Royal Flush costume.

I love the way these glittered cards came out!

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