October 5, 2010

craft culture:: fabric + flower accessories

I made a couple of easy embellishments for my daughter's outfit for "wear what you want to ballet day". It needed some girly accents, not to mention a bit of color.

I started with these supplies. A sheer fabric, silk layered flower and some bling!

Cut out 8 circles slightly larger than the diameter of your flower. I like to use pinking sheers to add texture. Fold 2 circles and place them side by side, folded edges together.

Fold 2 more circles and place them perpendicular to the 1st pair. Repeat this same pattern for the next 2 pairs of circles until you have 4 layers.

Detach your flower from the stem and plastic parts. Carefully center it on top of your circles and pin in place. Sew an X in the center, making sure to secure each layer.

After hot gluing your bling to the center of the flower, attach a safety pin for clothing. I also made one attached to a pony tail holder. I zig zag stitched it to the circles before I added the flower.

I think it's just what this outfit needed.

{{You can find Cindy Willingham of revel designs daily HERE.}}

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